Next-to-skin soft first shearing from Coral, a yearling ewe. Beautiful crimp, 3-4.5” staple. 1 lb 5 oz $25  plus insured shipping. 

Be sure to check back often – we'll be updating regularly as we get more fleeces skirted!

We're still posting more 2024 fleeces, although the rain has slowed down the outdoor skirting process....





Soft, colorful and crimpy, Perseus' fleece has some variation in staple length ( 2.5-5”), with shorter fibers along the top of the back. A bit of kemp.  1 lb 8 oz.  $22  plus insured shipping. 


Medium soft freckled fleece from Kate, a favorite ewe. A lovely range of colors in this very pretty fleece. Some kemp and moderate VM in neck area, and one small area of weaker fibers. 4-5” staple, 3 lbs 8 oz.  $50 plus insured shipping. 


We are registered providers in The Livestock Conservancy's Shave-Em-To-Save-Em program.   Want a SE2SE sticker?   Please ask!  (Wondering what this is? Go here: )


This yearling ram has a mostly white next-to-skin soft fleece. 3.5-5” staple. Very clean. Luxurious first shearing. No discernable ram odor.  1 lb 14 oz  $40 plus insured shipping.

This is a first shearing fleece from Kelsey, a fabulous 2022 fall ewe lamb. Soft, with beautiful Jacob color. The rear section is denser and whiter, compared with a more open and colorful fiber in the front.  4.5 - 6” staple,  2 lbs 3 oz. $35  plus insured shipping.


Our main flock sire since 2020, Kreutzer Farms Kenworth continues to produce a wonderful, next-to-skin soft fleece with a beautiful, wide crimp. Clean fleece, moderate ram odor.  3-4.5” staple. 2 lbs 13 oz.  $55 plus insured shipping.


First shearing from Mellite, a yearling ram. This is a soft, slightly freckled fleece with a 3.5-4” staple. Moderate VM in neck area. No discernable ram odor. 2 lbs. $35 plus insured shipping.


Raw Fleeces

Our fleeces tend to be soft with moderate crimp and are not as coarse as some Jacob wool.  The flock grazes in weed-free pastures from April through November, and is fed hay behind fence panels in winter, which reduces vegetable matter (VM). We do not coat our sheep, but we skirt fleeces very carefully. Cold Valley Farm fleeces are generally very clean; unless otherwise noted, fleeces have some slight VM.

Prices do not include insured shipping; we will ship by the most cost-effective method. 


Beautiful colors in this very nice ram fleece. Ingram's is a springy and clean fleece, with no discernable ram odor. Consistent 4” staple. Skirted carefully for second cuts, but there may still be a few. 3lbs 8 oz  $65 plus insured shipping.




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