Pelt 1
Pelt 1 This gorgeous fleece is a "dark chocolate" lilac coloration. The lock structure is nice and open, with an average fiber depth of approx. 3 inches. About 40 inches long and 23 inches wide at its widest point; the hide is smooth and pliable with only one butcher hole, which is not noticeable on the fiber side. $285
Pelt 2
Pelt 2 A yearling (never shorn) fleece with a lock length of 2-3 inches, this dense and springy pelt is about 40 inches long and 31 inches wide at its widest point. There are a few butcher holes and several small nicks along the edge of the hide, which are not visible from the fiber side of the fleece. It weighs about 2 lbs. $285
Pelt 6
Pelt 6 This sweet sheepskin has wonderful color, and is very soft and dense. It's about 36" long in the center, and 24" at its widest point. The hide is lovely, very smooth and pliable, with only one very small hole and a tiny nick. This fleece is bark tanned and is gently washable. Just over 2 lbs. $255
Pelt 5
Pelt 5 This dry brushed, plush fleece will keep you warm, with a fiber depth of 2 inches. As is sometimes found in primitive breed rams, this one has just a bit of a "mane" at the edge of the top (neck) end. 36 inches long in the center (44" overall length) and 25 inches wide at its widest point. Two butcher holes and a smaller nick are not noticeable on the fiber side. $285
Pelt 8
Pelt 8 This cozy and plush dry brushed fleece has a fiber depth averaging about 2 inches. Nice and dense, 33 inches long in the center and 24 inches wide at its widest point. One very small butcher hole is not noticeable on the fiber side. This fleece is bark tanned and is gently washable. Weighs 2 lbs 4 oz. $245

Snuggle up with a cushy fleece in a cozy reading nook. Give your feet a blissful treat when you get out of bed in the morning. Or maybe you have a pampered pet who needs a special bed. These gorgeous sheepskins make lovely gifts (wonderful for new parents, too!) Scroll down for more info.

We're fortunate to be able to take our hides just 20 miles down the road from our southern Wisconsin farm for processing. The Driftless Tannery hand works each hide, and uses a natural process with no bleach and no harsh chemicals.
Unless otherwise noted, the sheepskin was not dry brushed at the end of this process, thus preserving the beautiful open lock structure.
Pelts are hand/spot washable. Cleaning and storage instructions will be included. Note: As of summer 2023, the Tannery has transitioned to bark tanning hides, a more environmentally friendly method. This is more labor intensive, and our processing fees have increased a bit. Bark tanned hides (Nos. 6, 8) are machine washable when necessary. As the Tannery notes, "Wool is remarkably resilient and naturally stain resistant. Most dirt and debris can be easily removed from the fiber with a good brushing, or shaking it outside like you would a small area rug."

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