Skull 7
Skull 7 This unique skull has all sorts of character, and will be a fun conversation starter! Overall width (span) is 19", overall height is 12", depth is 11". Upper right horn is approx. 17" long. Right lateral is approx. 13" long. The fused left horns are approx. 16" long. As you might imagine, this one was a bit tricky to measure! $425
Skull 10
Skull 10 This large skull is simply a stunning specimen, with tall upper horns and wide laterals. Overall width (span) is 25", overall height is 26", depth is 9". Upper horns are approx. 17" and 17.5" long. Laterals are approx. 14" and 13" long. The jaw bone has a small amount of (dried) tissue on it at the chin, which helps hold the two sides together. $545
Skull 6
Skull 6 We joke about the rams being "buttheads," but head-butting can have very real consequences. As you can see, this poor fellow took a serious blow to his left jaw, which ultimately led to his early demise. We miss him, and appreciate his magnificent skull with sturdy, wide sweeping striped horns. He also left us with a lovely pelt (see Pelt 5). Overall width (span) is 25", overall height is 8.5", depth is 12". Horns are approx. 23 and 26 inches long. $455
Skull 5
Skull 5 Overall width is 16.5", overall height is 8.5", depth is 10". Horns are 19.5 and 20.5" long. $335
Skull 8
Skull 8 Overall width (span) is 15", overall height is 7", depth is 9". Horns are both approx. 18" long. $335
Skull 3
Skull 3 This is a ewe skull with an overall width (span) of 10.5"; overall height is 5", depth is 10.5". Horns are approx. 7" long. $95

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Horn measurements are from the base of the horn bud to the tip of the horn sheath, following the outer edge of the curve. Note that dimensions are approximate and may vary, depending on how the skull is positioned.

Unless otherwise noted, skulls will be shipped with sheaths removed and marked to help you match them to the correct horn bud.

Our skulls are from animals that didn't meet the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association standards for registration and needed to be culled from our flock, or otherwise met an untimely demise. We appreciate all parts of the animals!

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